Clint Simpkins

A friend had referred Nicole Cruz Engagements a while back, when I was dating the girl that’s now my fiancé.  When I knew it was time to start the path to the altar, I reached out to Nicole and was blown away by her level of support.  Since I knew little about how to approach selecting a diamond, band, or anything else associated with the ring (after all, I’m a guy) she was kind to present various options, comparative prices, and of course a lady’s perspective on beauty.  She even encouraged me to visit my local jewelers to get an idea of styles that caught my eye.  She was that confident in her ability to satisfy me, the customer. I was a little nervous about what cost may be associated with going the custom route but it was actually still much cheaper than going to the mall jewelry store or the mom and pops store. When I finally chose a ring, she provided constant status updates until it arrived at my doorstep.

Omar Burton

When I first got married, I was not able to afford a very nice diamond ring for my wife. For our 10 year anniversary, I wanted to surprise her with a nice 2 carat diamond ring. After shopping around town at various jewelry stores, I could not believe how expensive wedding sets were in general. A co-worker referred me to Nicole Cruz and at first I was nervous that she was going to be more expensive than what I had been looking at because he mentioned that she does custom engagement rings. She actually saved me about $4,000 from some of the other diamonds that I saw around town and the diamond I got with her was a little bigger and whiter than some of the others I was considering. AND, I got to give my input and modify the setting which my wife was super impressed with me for. Nicole really held my hand through the entire process and was so patient with all of my back and forth changes. I would most definitely recommend using her company. I really felt like I got the royal treatment.

Jonson Yousefzadeh

My experience went very smoothly with Nicole. The thing I liked best about working with her is that as a guy, we think certain things and even though we’re talking about engagement rings and talking about something we have no clue about, she did a good job of hearing the questions I was asking even though I wasn’t asking them properly. She had a good feel for what I wanted to know and what I needed to hear and what I was trying to get at when I couldn’t articulate it. She did a good job at breaking them down for me and sharing those things whether it had to do with what was important about a ring, r what to look for or avoid, what made a ring a quality ring. I think ultimately it was the guy in me that I didn’t want to come across cheap and in no way did I want to undervalue what was going on or what I was doing for the ring for my girl but the most important aspect for me was to not waste money on a name brand or do this or that, but to get a really good value for my money. She did an exception job at that doing that and laying out several options. The one I ended up going with was the custom route. Obviously girls have an idea about what they like, and sometimes are very specific about what they like. And my case, that was exactly it, and Nicole did a great job. I couldn’t tell the difference. It was probably 99.9% the same ring. in fact, we made a couple of adjustments to make it specific for me. And it was better than the ring my fiancé had her eye on. It was probably the best thing I could have done. Hopefully that helps, but in the end I would definitely recommend Nicole for an engagement ring.

Jessica Thomas & James Kontorchik

Working with Nicole to design our custom engagement ring was an exceptional experience. Her passion for creating the perfect engagement ring and dedication to excellence was apparent from our very first meeting with her. Nicole’s knowledge of the industry and willingness to educate us through the process was unlike any other experience with a jeweler. What we appreciated most was Nicole’s ability to listen to what we wanted and deliver an engagement ring even better than what we had described or imagined. Our case was unique since we were both involved in the design process. Nicole did an amazing job balancing out both opinions and keeping the process fun for both of us. We are so grateful for Nicole’s dedication and her passion for delivering the perfect ring – which she did! We feel like she helped us design the ring that we will both be proud to represent our love for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Nicole!